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IndieBox is a merchandising team passionate about the video game industry, with independent games holding a special place in our hearts. Founded in 2013, we began with a mission to create products for developers that are unique and fan-serving. We help creators to continue funding development efforts beyond the sale of digital IP while also bringing fans an extended, memorable experience of their favorite games through physical products including collector editions, figurines, plushies, apparel and much more. 

You name it, we can make it. We specialize in product development and can take an idea all the way through concept to sampling, production, sales, warehousing, fulfillment, and even customer support. No matter your budget, we are always looking for creative partners to work with from Kickstarter to AAA. Below you can find an overview of our more popular products and services. If you would like to learn more, we would be happy hear from you via our email:



From press boxes to thousand-unit runs, our collector's editions can vary in size, form, weight, and contents. It is the perfect embodiment of your hard work. Nothing looks better on your shelf.


A cost-effective way for fans to collect a physical release of their favorite game. Easy to follow templates allowing you to design each asset with minor assistance or we can design all assets in-house.


Prized by fans and collectors for its iconic design, luxurious finish and ability to showcase artwork. A premium metal case that represents the ultimate way to store your favorite movies and games.


Work closely with us to create the perfect fan service experience. We finely tune the theme, tone, collectibles, packaging, and presentation to bring you and your fans their new prized possession.


Premium ink printing at standard pricing. Vibrant and extremely soft to the touch. We offer premium waterbase, plastisol, discharge, hybrid, all-over, foil printing, and more. We can work with your design or create our own in house.


Every plush is different, and so are the materials it is made with. Plushies are not just full of stuffing! Include a squeeze-activated sound box, custom embroidery, beanbag fill, tags, and more. Production can start with just a few sketches.


From little key-chain sized friends to shelf worthy showpieces, figures are a great way to bring your characters to life. Add articulation, detailed attachments, special edition paint variants, etc. We use a variety of materials: vinyl, pvc, resign, etc.


Capture the growing popularity of the vintage audio aesthetic. Vinyls come in a variety of colors, sizes, and can include special etchings made on the track face. Showcase your freshly pressed, tactile music inside a durable, themed jacket.



More Than Just Exposure

Do not attend another conference without it being profitable. Work with us to create signature merchandise to help cover costs.

Let Us Sell for You

We can run a booth with your merch! Use our equipment to drive cash and credit sales at the event.

No More Taxing Taxes

Not registered in the state of the conference? We will take care of the sales and tax remittance.



In-House Fulfillment

Have direct access to the team responsible for getting your products into customers' hands.

Convention Storage

We will ensure all your products get to and from their destination on time and intact with no hassle.

You are in Good Hands

Our facility is secure and insured so enjoy peace of mind and focus on creating your games.



Full Service

Let IndieBox create, run, and maintain your entire merchandise presence. We handle the shipping, returns, taxes, customer support and all the rest. We run it and you make money.

Affordable Worldwide Shipping

Already have products or a store and want someone to handle shipping items? We ship worldwide!

Sell with Us

Do not need a full store? Join our other developers and pay a small flat fee per item we sell.



Monday - Friday, 10AM - 6PM EST

Leave no fan unsatisfied with our dedicated support team on the job. Customers receive friendly and timely service with a response within 48 hours of the initial email.

A little R&R

From answering shipping questions to handling payment disputes, rest easy knowing we have you covered!

Custom Email

Link a specialized support email from your domain into our system so your customers receive themed responses from a familiar address.


Interested in partnering with us or have more questions about how we can help your project grow? Please contact us at with any inquires or let us know when you would like a scheduled meeting to chat!

We look forward to working with you!