What happened to the IndieBox Subscription Service?

What happened to the IndieBox Subscription Service?

Originally Published September 2017.

Dear friends and family,

With a heavy heart, we are announcing the end of an incredible journey of creating collector’s edition PC games through our IndieBox subscription service. Concluding with the shipping of Torchlight II: The Collector’s Edition, IndieBox will be shutting down its subscription service. While IndieBox isn’t going away, we are changing direction from what you primarily know as “IndieBox.”

IndieBox started in November of 2013 as the brainchild of three guys with a vision of creating a company that helped to bolster indie developers in an innovative way while they navigated the saturated market of digital distribution. Over the course of four years, IndieBox has produced over 40 collector’s edition indie PC games for its subscribers. We’ve been very fortunate to work with developers that love their games (and their fans) and have had great success at creating some truly fascinating works of art.

Together, each month, IndieBox has created a full retail product complete with custom pack-ins for 3000+ people. Every component was carefully designed in-house, sent to manufacturers, and then completely assembled here at our office. The end result is a numbered, fully shrink-wrapped, boxed edition of some of your (and our!) favorite indie games of all time. The work that is accomplished every month by each person on the IndieBox team is astonishing. Please take great care of your boxes, we put a lot of love into them.

Never fear! IndieBox is not shutting down; we are simply changing direction as a business. You may not know, but IndieBox has already been powering some of your favorite online stores for game developers (with a lot more coming!). Of course, we are saddened that the subscription model did not work out for us, but we are excited about the projects (including more collector’s editions) that are currently in production and can’t wait to share them with you!

If you are an active subscriber, we will automatically cancel your subscription and you will not be charged again. For those IndieBox family members that have additional months remaining on your plan, we will be taking care of you as well. Check your email as we’ll will be sending steps to conclude your account. Please note, if you ordered any of the monthly Banner Saga or Invisible Inc. add-ons, those are still going to ship and there are no actions needed on your part.

To our subscribers, from one-month’ers to those that have been subscribed since the first box. To our affiliates and partners. To every game developer featured in our service. To our friends and family. To past and present employees, contractors, and volunteers. To our phenomenal Chairman and investors. To James, Jason, and Hex – Thank you. Thank you for all of your support and your contributions to the service. Truly. You’ve inspired us every step of the way to constantly improve, question, revamp, and celebrate. You made this subscription service possible. It has been an absolute pleasure serving you and our community of subscribers and we are looking forward to the road ahead.

Thank you.

- The IndieBox Team

Ps. If you have any questions regarding a past account, please head over to our FAQ. The old IndieBox accounts have been closed. If you need access to past information, please contact us at WeLoveyou@TheIndieBox.com.