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Ultimate Chicken Horse Digital Soundtrack

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Here you'll find the sweet funky tunes from Vibe Avenue that breathe life into the world of Ultimate Chicken Horse. This two-part album contains over 70 minutes of music and 23 tracks, including music from each level and from some of the menus as well.


Original Ultimate Chicken Horse Soundtrack

  1. Main Titles
  2. Waterfall
  3. Windmill
  4. Pyramid
  5. Old House
  6. Treehouse (Bonus)
  7. Dance Party
  8. Metal Plant
  9. Farm
  10. Rooftop
  11. Iceberg
  12. Party Mode
  13. Freeplay
  14. Pier

Chimply Amazing Soundtrack

  1. Elephantastic Update
  2. Mainframe
  3. Challenge Mode
  4. Nuclear Plant
  5. Building a Crumbling Bridge
  6. Crumbling Bridge
  7. Jungle Temple
  8. Volcano
  9. Chimply Amazing Update