Forced: Showdown - Standard Edition

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About the Game

Deckbuilding empowers this challenging bullet hell adventure! Each character is a unique experience: Choose a deck of unlockable cards to boost you in new ways every battle - "My whirlwind shoots fireballs!?". Battle hordes of brutal foes to become a superstar in C-SAR’s ever-changing game show.

This Standard Edition is also included in the Forced Showdown Collector's Edition.


  • DRM-free game disc
  • Steam Card with Key 
  • Official soundtrack
  • Full-color instruction manual
  • Themed Vinyl IndieBox sticker


Developer History

BetaDwarf - lived in a classroom for 8 months, in a house in rural Denmark even longer and are now located in an office in Copenhagen. It's a story of happy-go-lucky amateurs turned into professional developers and a story of blood, sweat and tears. A lot has changed since the beginning, and the team now consists of around 10 highly skilled developers working on awesome games. Everyone has a deep passion for games, and we are always looking to push the boundaries and explore new and interesting mechanics.


Note: Case may not be shrink-wrapped.