The Adventures of Elena Temple: Super Limited Edition

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The Adventures of Elena Temple: Super Limited Edition is a rare collector’s find, with only 100 physical boxes ever created, filled with goodies:
  • Blu-ray case featuring exclusive cover art
  • Unique box number out of 100, printed on the back cover
  • Game disc with the latest DRM free versions of the game, for both PC and Mac
  • Early access versions of the game included on the disc, starting with the first prototype - witness the game’s evolution!
  • Game manual and Design booklet combo - take a peek behind the curtain of creating The Adventures of Elena Temple, with art, sketches and developer thoughts
  • Stickers sheet with 6 badges, GrimTalin logo and the game’s iconic capsule
  • The lost dungeon map, use it as the ultimate guide for your perilous adventure
  • Digital access to all the disc contents through an key
  • Steam key to add the game to your digital library too
  • A second Steam key to gift to a friend


Ever miss being a child, playing games at your grandma's or in your old bedroom? Then look no further!

The Adventures of Elena Temple is the classic you never knew existed. And the best part is that you can play it on virtual old machines that kind of sort of maybe existed. It's not like you can remember for sure anyway, right?



  • A dungeon of 50+ rooms to overcome, each its own mini-level
  • Open exploration, you choose which way to go, but don't worry, a helpful map is just one button press away
  • Challenging, old-school platforming
  • Collect as many coins as you want, but we both know you want them all
  • Coins will make you rich, but there's no escaping the dungeon without all the gems
  • Secret scrolls to find for the more observant players
  • Best of all, play the game on a selection of 7 virtual old machines, from the Pomo D'or 4, to Maple and Some Toy and all the way to the NS-Bos PC
  • Update 1.1 brings with it the Stats screen, check out your play time, the number of deaths, shots fired and more; win medals like a pro for each stat!
  • Update 1.2 allows you to zoom in/out and get as close to the virtual screen as you prefer