Duck Game: Duck Plush

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See the Duck to the left, it is only a picture but please know that the Duck is soft, in body and in mind. Let the Duck heal that which time could not. The Duck expects nothing from you and exists only to listen and support you when you need it most. The Duck will quack for you, quacks of encouragement and sincere comments about your best qualities. You don't know you're beautiful, but the Duck knows and it will tell you every day.

The Duck comes with a flower, one it picks for you from a beautiful valley next to the IndieBox warehouse before it climbs into its shipping box. Treat the Duck well and it will bring you good luck and fortune for as long as its top quality stitching and materials can hold it together.


Product Details:

  • 9.5 inches tall
  • Duck Game "Quack" squeezable sound box
  • Flower accessory
  • Magnetic wing grip
  • Adjustable magnetic eyebrow
  • Surface wash with warm water