The Lost Have Been Found

The Lost Have Been Found

If you haven't heard we stumbled upon a few boxes of Collector's Edition boxes tucked away in our warehouse, which we honestly didn't think we had. After sharing it on Twitter, it got us thinking. So we've decided to take those boxes and a large part of our internal library, and offer them to you!

Here is everything you'll need to know. 
  • All listed games will be available for purchase Feb. 23rd. These are very limited quantity and will GO FAST
  • A good amount of boxes we found are low number boxes. Like single digits! Numbers will be picked randomly. Just because you get the first box will not guarantee you the lowest number.
  • We are releasing the boxes in stages throughout the day. We do this in hopes to help increase the chance of you being able to get the box(es) you really want. The release schedule is shown below.
  • Adding an item to your cart does not guarantee a purchase. An order must complete full transaction before stock is reduced.

    All sales will be final and we can not offer any exchanges for products that become damaged / missing during shipping.

    If you find issue with your order, email us at and and we will do everything we can to help you out.

    Make sure to follow us on twitter to keep up to date on any updates on these sale and future IndieBox news.